The Scarborough Bluffs Toronto's Early Landmark

The Scarborough Bluffs Toronto's Early Landmark

In the words of Elizabeth Simcoe, who first saw the bluffs in 1793, “the shore is extremely bold & has the appearance of Chalk Cliffs but I believe they are only white sand—they appeared so well, that we talked of building a summer residence there & calling it Scarborough.” With that notation, Governor John Graves Simcoe’s wife gave a name to a future city and the towering bluffs along the shoreline.

Rising up to 100 m above the shore and running 15 km along Lake Ontario, the Scarborough Bluffs are the remains of an ancient, now-eroded lake delta. The Bluffs contain a rich geological record of early life in the area, preserved through fossils of plants and animals. At the water's edge is Bluffers Park, a popular recreation area built from lakefill. Erosion along the bluffs still occasionally threatens to topple houses at the cliff's edge.

By Jamie Bradburn


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